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Financial Planning Solutions

Custer Burish Financial Services can help you get there today.

Whether you're just starting to plan or are well into retirement, we can help you plan for the future, protect you and your loved ones, and retire with confidence.

Personal Financial Website

Personal Financial Website

Life is supposed to get simpler as we get older or in retirement. No more frantic dashes to meet tight deadlines. No more competing obligations between home and business. Less time in the office, more time with your family and friends.

In short, retirement is about no more worries. Or so you thought.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Let us set up your Personal Financial Website and make it easy to manage both your wealth and your well-being.

Your Personal Financial Website, a free service for our clients, is an easy-to-use tool -- whether its household budgeting and setting retirement goals to financing educational needs and meeting healthcare requirements over a lifetime.

Your Personal Financial Management website makes it easy to manage both your wealth and your well-being.

Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis

As a valued client, we will provide a complimentary evaluation of your personal situation. This process presents a broad overview of your financial picture incorporating your financial goals and objectives.

Depending on your lifestyle and desire for the future, we can begin to identify solutions that fit your situation. A needs analysis can potentially determine which opportunities can help reach your goals.

Sometimes this is all that is needed and this would be a great start to a more in-depth financial plan.

In-Depth Financial Planning

In-Depth Financial Planning

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships.

While the key plan elements are something everyone should think about, your circumstances are unique. That’s why we take a six-step approach to learning more about you and developing a strategy to turn your vision into reality.

STEP 1: Meet

Begin the client/financial professional relationship.

  • Get to know more about you and how we can help you
  • Introduce you to our philosophy,  expertise, and capabilities
  • Discuss your current savings and income levels
  • Establish pricing and fee schedule

STEP 2: Discover

Identify your goals and opportunities.

  • Gather necessary and appropriate financial data and assess your tolerance for risk
  • Discuss your expectations for saving and investing
  • Perform comprehensive review of your personal financial profile
  • Address any questions or concerns you may have

STEP 3: Evaluate

Analyze your current situation.

  • Confirm and clarify the information you have provided
  • Discuss the findings of our comprehensive financial review
  • Prepare a preliminary financial plan as a sample of what you can expect
  • Explore alternative ideas and refine recommendations as needed

STEP 4: Design

Create a custom-built plan.

  • Begin identifying solutions that fit your situation
  • Determine which opportunities can help you better reach your goals
  • Develop a working plan document based on your input and our expertise
  • Establish a formal action plan to move forward

STEP 5: Act

Set your plan in motion.

  • Review and recommend specific and beneficial financial products
  • Coordinate with your other professionals: CPA, attorney, insurance agent, etc.
  • Discuss your level of comfort with the final plan and make any required changes
  • Work together to implement the financial plan

STEP 6: Monitor

Ongoing review and assessment.

  • Ensure financial targets are being met
  • Take account of any changes to your financial situation
  • Make adjustments as necessary
  • Update your financial plan to keep current

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