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Joanna Burish

Joanna Burish

Managing Partner

Joanna Burish moved to Madison at seven years old with her family in January of 1976 from Nazareth, Israel. She received her BA in Accounting with a focus on Finance and Real Estate, and her Masters in Executive Management from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Joanna’s career includes acting and music producing in Hollywood and New York, working in film distribution in the Cannes Film Festivals, to being the CEO of a $130 Million-dollar, and Vice President of a $450 Million-dollar real estate companies. She has been in financial planning over six years.

She has joined Custer Burish Financial Services as a Managing Partner as she moves to finalize the final steps to be the named successor of the firm. Among her proudest endeavors is founding The Brauds Network in 2012 with the mission of women empowering women. Joanna is a community leader involved in various start-ups and non-profit businesses consulting on best business practices, leadership, and sustainable growth. Her most honored experience is being a mother to her daughter Raquel, who is extraordinary in her own right living in New York with her fiancé Luke Johnson.